◆ Wave ATA Down Light Series
    ◆ Thermal conductive plastic coated aluminum.
    ◆ 240V/110VAC driver built-in, integrated design.
    ◆ Non dimmable / Triac dimmable available.
    ◆ 3000K, 4000K, 6000K for option.
    ◆ Warranty: 5 years.
    ◆ L70 to 45000hrs.


    ◆ Strong modern aluminum housing, excellent finish.
    ◆ 60°, 90°, 120° available.
    ◆ Suspension and ceiling surface mounted available.
    ◆ IP65, with constant current IP67 100-240VAC driver.
    ◆ 3000K, 4000K, 6000K for option.
    ◆ Warranty: 5 years.
    ◆ L70 to 50000hrs.


    Focus on Indoor Lighting,
    Persist in Technology Innovation
    Reliable Product is Must


    High Lumen efficiency 90lm/w



ATA Lighting Decorative Lighting


Now make fancy every space of your home and office. Say bye-bye to simplicity and explore the joy of decor and lighting creativity. Peep into ATA Lighting’s Decorative Lighting to change all concepts of furnishing your indoor or outdoor spaces. From sophisticated to extremely intricate designs, we have a jaw dropping series of lighting options which can enhance your spaces and leave an everlasting impact.


With an aim to provide high performance lighting, ATA Commercial lightings serve all project demands and requirements, applicable in offices, trade centres, schools, retail and other industries. With superior quality products, we offer affordable ata lightings which come with an ease of maintenance and installation. Enabling you to have a swift lighting experience in whichever quantity, ATA Lighting is here to provide its solutions at prices best suited for you.

ATA Lighting Commercial Lighting

ATA Lighting outdoor Lighting


The first impression of any set up comes from the outdoor atmosphere. Now illuminating your outdoors is just a simple step away. Come to ATA Lighting and get ultimate outdoor lighting solutions to add the perfect match to your exteriors in order to create an inviting ambiance. In our product range we include differentiated designs to match the need of adding fun, charm and a perfect welcome to your doorways.


A perfectly lighted home is symbolic of a happy family, a prosperous environment and a bright future. Add light to every nook and corner of your home with our ATA Home Lighting series and let your home be an abode of warmth and aesthetics.

ATA Home Lighting

Vivid P Series 9W LED Bulb

The Vivied P Seres 9W LED Bulb saves 80% energy and provides light distribution in all directions, through its innovatively designed optics.

What makes the ATA Vivid P Series 9W LED Bulb the best in class lighting solution?

Here are the top features

  • Saves 80% energy with life up to 10 years
  • Industry best light output with wide light distribution > 200°
  • Robust driver with wide voltage range 100-240VAC and inbuilt protection
  • Light weight and decorative look fits in CFL sockets



Aluminium Body


Mfg Date for easy Replacement


Nickle Base

Why LED ?

Warm white light

Warm white light helps you create a comfortable atmosphere

Today’s LED is all about warmth. ATA LED bulbs produce a beautiful warm light from the moment you switch them on.

Whether you’re setting the mood in the living room or looking for task lighting in the kitchen, ATA LED has you covered. With familiar bulb shapes and instant brightness, you are able to create a comfortable environment in every room of your home.

Did you know that colour temperature is actually what makes light feel warm or cool? – a lower colour temperature produces a warmer, more relaxing light and a higher colour temperature emits a cooler, more energizing light. ATA LED technology makes it possible to enjoy LED without sacrificing the light quality you are used to. Use our colour slider below to learn more

Energy efficient

Energy efficient LED

The long lifetime of ATA LED (ATA Lighting) means you’ll change your bulbs less often. Their energy efficiency means you’ll see the benefits in your wallet as well.

ATA LEDs (ATA Lighting) use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescents while producing the same beautiful warm light you are used to. A ATA LED (ATA Lughting) bulb can last for up to 15,000 hours, which is equal to 15 incandescents. So not only will you have to change fewer bulbs, there will be less waste as a result. Your home is worth investing in – let ATA Lighting help Live Chat.

Quality of light

Clean, beautiful LED light

The quality of ATA LED (ATA Lighting) light is evident by its high color rendering value, meaning colors remain true and natural, always.
Not only will warm, bright light enhance your home’s interior and bring colors to life, the longevity and durability of our bulbs mean you’ll change them less often. While the traditional exterior feels familiar, the advanced LED technology inside is what sets our bulbs apart. And not only will colors remain true, the light output remains stable throughout the lifetime of the bulb – meaning you’ll enjoy the warm glow for years to come.

Continue reading to learn more about the Color Rendering Index and what this means when choosing the right light
source for your home.


Dimmable LED lighting

Being able to adjust your light source means you’re able to create the perfect atmosphere in your home, anytime. Warm and bright and dim and cozy – ATA LED (ATA Lighting) can help.
Lighting is a practical and beautiful way to enhance your home. The convenient and flexible lighting of ATA dimmable LED allows you to set the scene simply and beautifully.
Our wide selection of dimmable lighting makes it easy to adjust the light intensity in your home. Even at low light levels, ATA LED (ATA Lighting) light is stable and pure. Our dimmable bulbs are the ideal replacement for incandescent and halogen bulbs in terms of quality of light, compatibility and light output.
Whether you’re looking for the perfect dimmable lamp or you want to replace your current bulbs, we have whatever you need to make your home both comfortable and bright. From ambient to task lighting, ATA has got you covered when it comes to LED.

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